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Stallforth Family Chronology 1912-1941

Timeline for Stallforth Risse Saga


Bernhard Stallforth born 1842 in Hertford, Germany; died 1893 in Chicago, IL


1910-1920 Mexican Revolution

Stallforth Family in Mexico from 1870-1912 – Alberto (Papsi’s brother) was there through the 1920s. 


1912    (May 20)  letter from Anita to Papsi from The Miramar, Santa Barbara, CA
1912    Female members of the Stallforth family to Santa Barbara, CA
1912    Federico to NYC and Europe

1912    Federico Stallforth (Papsi) kidnapped and held for ransom by Pancho Villa

1912    (March 31) Birth of Gioja Stallforth, El Paso, Tx

1912    (sometime after March 31) Papsi released and in El Paso.


1914    Esterbano M. Russe (sic) exhibits a frame of medals at the Gorham Galleries, Fifth Avenue, NYC, as part of the exhibition, “Exhibition of Original Sculpture by American Women.”  May 4-30th, 1914.


1916    (Feb 25) Papsi refuses to testify before the Grand Jury in the matter of Franz von Rintelen, then being held in a prison camp in England.  Other names involved @ to NYT of that date:  David Lamar, Hugo Schmidt, George Plochmann (Treasurer of the Transatlantic Trust), Steinberger, and Stein.  The article refers to “one of General Fransicso Villa’s New York agents.” (Papsi?)


1916,   (Feb 26) Papsi released from the Tombs for $5,000 bail after being placed there the previous Thursday for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating the matter of money deposited by German spy, Franz von Rintelen, in the Transatlantic Trust Company for the purposes of stopping shipments of arms to the allies, fomenting labor unrest in munitions plants, and damaging US-Mexican relations.  Papsi invoked the fifth and was jailed for contempt. Released on a writ of habeus corpus until March 3. NYT of that date.

1917 (Jan. 26)  Death of Anita Stallforth in Staten Island, NY of stomach cancer

1917 (Apr 6)  US declares war on Germany – enters WWI

1917 (Apr 29) Papsi released from the enemy internment camp on Ellis Island where he had been kept since the US declaration of war. NYT Apr 29, 1917.

1917 (Dec 5)  Stallforth Brothers of Parral, Mexico blacklisted under the US Trading with the Enemies Act.  NYT Dec 5, 1917.

1920 (Summer) Adie in Woodstock Post card from Nonni


1924 (Feb 26) Adie is in New York City 19 West  54th Street (Postcard from Lia).

1924 Stallforth girls in Berlin; Papsi travelling for Dawes Plan; Adie in San Remo undergoing treatment for stomach cancer

1924-7? Death of Adie in San Remo. 

1928 @ to NYT of 12/9/1928 F. Stallforth has just returned from a two month study of economic conditions in Europe for Harris, Forbes.


1930 Gioja marries Benjamin Lawrence Webster in NYC

1938, Sept 23 – Papsi mentioned in bankruptcy notice in NYT of that date

1941, April 13 – Papsi off to negotiate with Axis powers for boats of Denmark, Italy, and Germany then in American ports.  “Hopes to conclude business in Lisbon,”  NYT of that date.

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