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Mary Lawrence Webster, Richard Hoe Lawrence, and Eva Lawrence Watson-Schütze

Birch Trees, Byrdcliffe (?)

Mary Say Lawrence Webster (1872-1944)


Here are examples of photographs taken by my great grandmother, Mary Say Lawrence Webster.  Her oldest brother, Richard Hoe Lawrence was an avid amateur photographer as well and was an early member of the New York Society of Amateur Photographers, which later became the New York Camera Club.  Another member of the New York Camera Club, Eva Lawrence Watson-Schütze (American, 1867-1935), was a friend.  The women both summered in on Byrdcliffe in Woodstock, New York.  Webster from 1904 on and Watson-Schütze from 1902 on.  The Schützes came from Chicago each year; the Websters from New York City.  Watson-Schütze was a founding member of the New York Photo Secession, which was established by Alfred Stieglitz, at that time a champion of Pictorialism in photography.  Exactly how all these influences worked on Mary Lawrence Webster’s photography is a question I am presently pursuing.  Please respect the copyright of these images.  Thank you, Mary Prevo

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