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Use this catagory for the generation of Mary Say Lawrence Webster and Albert Lowry Webster and the childhoods of their children, Benjamin Lawrence Webster and Aileen Payne.

Memories of Avanti – 2016

Barbara Carlson and I have been indulging in memories of Avanti, Gioja and Ben Webster’s home on Byrdcliffe in Woodstock, N.Y. Our email exchange has been pretty wonderful and I’ve just decided to copy it here for the readers who will also remember. Ping back on the comments section if you wish. As Barbara says […]

More Lawrence Family Photographs

Left to right:  Mary Lawrence (standing), ?, ?, Ralph Lawrence Oakley (in boater) Left to right seated: ?, Theodora Lawrence Oakley, Mary Oakley, Ralph Oakley with Beatrice or Dorothy on his lap.  I’ll be updating this with other identifications as time goes on. Back row: Ralph Lawrence Oakley, Mary Say Lawrence (sewing), ? Front row: […]

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Daguerreotypes – Webster, Wilbur, Lawrence Family

Copy print of Benjamin Crampton Webster (1821-1893) The pictures here were given to me by my great aunt, Aileen Webster Payne.  Her mother, Mary Say Lawrence Webster, gave them to her.  Benjamin Crampton Webster (1821-1893) and his wife, Eliza Campbell Wilbur (1822-1912),  had five children, two of whom (Marcus Wilbur and Eliza Campbell) are included […]

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Mary Lawrence Webster, Richard Hoe Lawrence, and Eva Lawrence Watson-Schütze

Mary Say Lawrence Webster (1872-1944) Photographer Here are examples of photographs taken by my great grandmother, Mary Say Lawrence Webster.  Her oldest brother, Richard Hoe Lawrence was an avid amateur photographer as well and was an early member of the New York Society of Amateur Photographers, which later became the New York Camera Club.  Another […]


Summer Projects

  I am busy working on historic family photographs this summer.  I am going to use this post as a place to put links to pages as I construct them.  Hope it works!   Lawrence Family Pictures Daguerreotypes Mary Say Lawrence Webster, Photographer Eva Watson-Schütze Photographs of the Stallforth Family

Cyrus J. Lawrence – Art Collector – Random Notes

Cyrus J. Lawrence’s collection was dispersed by his family after his death.  I have a copy of the sale catalogue somewhere.  The Daumier below, now in the Walter’s Gallery, Baltimore, is mentioned in the article announcing the sale. Cyrus J. Lawrence collections of Daumiers given to the New York Public Library, July 5, 1908 Announcement of sale […]

Uncle Darius: Darius W. Lawrence (b. d. 1885)

Lawrence Webster found Uncle Darius by searching the NYT archives.   We didn’t know anything about him from family stories.  This account of his suicide, apparently from dispair and delerium tremmens, suggests why.  As dypsomania is a family challenge, we thought it might be enlightening to make a link to this article, “Suicide in a Hospital,” […]

Henry C. Lawrence, Collector of Medieval Art

Here is information about Henry C. Lawrence’s collection of medieval art.   He is particularly important for collecting 12th and 13th century stained glass from the area to the north and east of Paris.  When his collection was sold after his death in 1919 much was purchased by Raymond Pitcairn of Bryn Athyn, PA, and is now […]


Documents in Mary’s Archive

It occurs to me that I have a lot of information about the family in my head to go along with all the letters and photographs that I have snagged from the various house cleanings out that I have helped with over the years. I’ve been snagging things for years. And Gumma snagged things before […]