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Lawrence Family


Benjamin Lawrence Webster circa 1970. The pictures below are of his mother, Mary Lawrence, and her parents, Cyrus and Emily Lawrence.


Lawrence family enjoying summer vacation at Oscaleta, N.Y. Note Mary sitting in the tree to the left. Richard Hoe Lawrence (Uncle Dick) photographer


Mary Say Lawrence, about age 5 This is labeled, "Mary," but I think it might be her older sister, Theodora, who had fuller cheeks (M.Prevo)

Mary Say Lawrence, two prints from the same negative, one hand colored
Emily Amelia Hoe Lawrence with daughter Mary Say, taken in Paris, 1872.  Carte-de-viste.



Emily Amelia Hoe, daguerreotype, cut down and refitted in oval case
Cyrus J. Lawrence as a Young Man, copy photograph
Cyrus J. Lawrence, platinum print