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Gioja Said

This page is the place for stories that begin, “Gioja said” or “Mummy said” or “Gumma said.”  The way you begin the story will signal your relationship or mood.  Other than that there are no rules


Gumma said that when Papi asked her to marry him at the Tavern on the Green (Central Park Casino)  in New York City, he took the top off Eddie Duchin’s piano and set it up as a screen around their table for privacy.,-Who

Gumma said that when she and Papi got married in the Plaza Hotel that Papi teased Dita saying that he was just some actor friend he asked to play a minister.  Dita wasn’t really sure if they were married.  My mother said that she believed the story for a long time and so told her friends that she was illegitimate.