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The Banking House of F. Stallforth & Brother, Parrall

[The following is a transcription of a typescript found in Stallforth family papers — n.d. Transcription date: October 16, 2009 by Mary Prevo.  It is a request for government backing for F. Stallforth and Brother Bank – based on the narrative the transcriber suggests it dates from around 1914.  It is not clear if the request for funds is going to the U.S. or the Mexican governments.]

From the time of the trouble began (sic) in Chihuahua, up to the present, the Banking House of F. Stallforth & Brother at Parral has been the only institution which has remained solvent and paid its obligations in the entire area of Chihuahua.  For two years there has been a continuous strain upon it, and it has only been able to meet its obligations at a very great sacrifice. It has continued, throughout all these troubles, to assist business men of that section of Mexico, both Mexicans, Americans, and Germans, and the fact that it has done so has been of great importance in keeping them from going into bankrutcy and being able to continue their business. Now, when the trouble is practically over, the country is in a very bad shape financially and commercially; business is nearly at a standstill, the fields have not been tilled, the seed and fertilizer are not to be had. Unless the people are given immedite assistance with money and matericals for crops and buisiness, it will be impossible for them to raise crops and start going again, and unless they do produce crops and contine in business, they will be driven by hunger into another insurrection or some other excess, dangerous to the country and business. The Americans, and Germans whose large enterprisess in this section have been greatly injured by the insurrection and brigandage, are also in great need of financial assistance.

F. Stallforth & Brother stand ready to do as they have done in the past, as far as their resources permit, and advance the necessary money for these purposes, taking, of course, such business security as is proper, or the people can give, for the purpose of enabling all classes of merchants and farmvers to start and carry on their business.  If they can succeed in doing this it is clear that properity will return to the neighborhood, and prosperity will mean peace, to the community.  It cannot do this, however, unless it receives further financial assistance at once, and therefore asks that the Government make a substantial deposit of funds in its bank, for the purpose of allowing them to continue their assistance to the community.  The knowledge of such deposit will give the additional financial strength to the State of Chihuahua and it will be enabled to give the business men such assistance as is necessary, their present resources of cash being naturally much reduced after the heavy drain upon them during this time of trouble.  The fact that the Government has made this deposit for the purpose of enabling assistance to be extended in this way will aid in popularizing the Government and will create a felling favorable to the Government throughout the community.

The Bank of F. Stalloffrth would also call attention to the fact that it rescued the records of the Department of Forestry and all the records of the Mining of the properties, which were in great danger.  It does not, however,urge this loan upon any claim of gratitude for what it has done, but on the ground that the business necessities make it imperative.

Stallforth Brothers have a selfish interest in this, in that their prosperity depends on the propserity of the section .  It is perfectly plain that if they can be put in a position to give the community the assistance it requires their business will improve, and this can oly be done through the help of the Government.