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Cyrus J. Lawrence – Art Collector – Random Notes

Cyrus J. Lawrence’s collection was dispersed by his family after his death.  I have a copy of the sale catalogue somewhere.  The Daumier below, now in the Walter’s Gallery, Baltimore, is mentioned in the article announcing the sale.

Cyrus J. Lawrence collections of Daumiers given to the New York Public Library, July 5, 1908

Announcement of sale of collection, NYT Jan 2, 1910

Sale of art collection, NYT Jan 21, 1910

Barye Bronzes bought by Brooklyn Museum, NYT, Jan 23, 1910

Here is a link to the Brooklyn Museum page about the collection

This link will take you to the Walters Gallery, Baltimore and the Daumier that once belonged to Lawrence.

AND, thanks to Google Books and the Princeton University Libraries, here is the auction catalogue

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