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Uncle Darius: Darius W. Lawrence (b. d. 1885)

Lawrence Webster found Uncle Darius by searching the NYT archives.   We didn’t know anything about him from family stories.  This account of his suicide, apparently from dispair and delerium tremmens, suggests why.  As dypsomania is a family challenge, we thought it might be enlightening to make a link to this article, “Suicide in a Hospital,” NYT, April 4, 1885.

Darius was the brother of Richard H. and Cyrus J. Lawrence, founding members of Lawrence & Sons, Stocks and Bonds, Wall St.  He was the uncle of Mary Say Lawrence Webster.  From Aileen Webster Payne, Mary’s daughter, I  heard lots of stories of “Uncle Dick,” but none of Uncle Darius.  

More on Uncle Dick later (although now I’m uncertain which Richard H. Lawrence is Uncle Dick — there were two in two successive generations). 


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